September 21st, 2007

Here is a page of my lyrics.


Hear me ye foul people!
Why have ye forsaken morality?
Why do ye begat wars?

Woe! to all of you on AEarth.

Land in ruin 
Animals dying from disease
Men doing as they please
My planet cries unto me

The Universe am I infinite unending
Worried with brow 
Chaos I wipe it out

Recreate before man crawled
New breeds will evovle
Perfect w/o conscience
Or needs of science 
Impervious no ideals for
Violence I let them strive

The Old Ages shall soon be missed
A cosmic tear one last kiss
Enjoy rhe meager deeds you do

You are insignificant  and weak

Never I allow your race to peak 

My arsenal is wide and vast
Reverse big bang or gamma blast?
Radiations from comet tails?
Or meteors showers with asteroid hail?
An element of surprise is mine
I could use them all to make you die






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